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Family Species Author Locality Description Grading Price
Mactra abbreviata Lamarck, 1819 Australia, WA  40-50mm, pale species  F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra abbreviata Lamarck, 1819 Australia, QLD 40-50mm, form meretriciformis, blue/purple umbo F++/GEM  4.00
Mactra achatina Holten, 1802 Australia, QLD 30-40mm, mottled brown pattern  F++/GEM     5.00
Zenatia acinaces Quoy & Gaimard, 1835 New Zealand  90-100mm, elongate and narrow species, with perio  F++  sold out
Spisula aequilateralis Deshayes, 1854 New Zealand  40-50mm, angular posterior, white and solid  F++/GEM     5.00
Electromactra antecedens Iredale, 1930 Australia, SA  30-40mm, white elongate species  F++/GEM     3.00
Lutraria australis Reeve, 1854 Australia, WA  80-100mm, very narrow elongate species  F++    5.00
Mactra australis Lamarck, 1819 Australia, WA  35-40mm, pale tan species with some purple  F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra cinerea Montagu, 1808 Europe, NL 35-45mm, cream, very pale / white sparse radiating pattern F++/GEM     3.00
Austromactra contraria Reeve, 1854 Australia, NSW 50-60mm, solid, elongate species with moderate sculpture  F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra corallina Linnaeus, 1758 Mediterranean  40-50mm, pale tan/cream species - almost smooth  F++     3.00
Mactra cumingii Reeve, 1854 Australia, WA  80-100mm, inflated, thin, some with pale radiating lines F++/GEM     6.00
Mactra cuneata Gemelin, 1791 Australia, QLD 15-20mm, circular purple/brown species  F++/GEM     6.00
Mactra discors Gray, 1837 New Zealand  50-60mm, heavy sp. - white with some perio  F++/GEM     4.00
Mactra dissimilis Reeve, 1844 Australia, QLD 30-40mm, elongate species with pale purple umbo  F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra dolabriformis Conrad, 1867 Mexico  70-80mm, elongate, smooth pale cream species  F++  sold out
Spisula elliptica Brown, 1827 Europe, North Sea 25-30mm, trawled white species, with perio  F++  4.00
Mactra elongata Quoy & Gaimard, 1835 New Zealand  80-90mm, elongate species, brown spotted pattern   F++/GEM  sold out
Mactra eximia   Reeve, 1854 Australia, N/W WA 70-80mm, large inflated species, brown radiating lines F++/GEM     4.00
Mactra explanata Reeve, 1854 Australia, WA  30-40mm, white smooth species  F++/GEM     5.00
Mactra glabrata Linnaeus, 1767 South Africa  90-100mm, heavy smooth cream-coloured shell   F++  sold out
Mactra glauca Born, 1778 Europe, France  90-110mm, large smooth edible species  F++  sold out
Mactra grandis Gmelin, 1791 Australia, N/W WA 45-55mm, angular, purple umbo, brown radiating pattern F++/GEM     4.00
Mactra incarnata Reeve, 1854 Australia, N/W WA 40-50mm, inflated, brown/tan and pink radiating pattern F++/GEM     5.00
Nannomactra jacksonensis Smith, 1885 Australia, SA  12-15mm, colourful with pink white and yellow  F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra lanceolata Gray, 1852 New Zealand  80-100mm, very long narrow species  F++  sold out
Mulinia lateralis Say, 1822 USA, Florida  12-15mm, angular white species  F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra luzonica Reeve, 1854 Australia, WA  35-45mm, white fragile species  F++/GEM     5.00
Mactra maculata Gmelin, 1791 Indonesia  60-70mm, speckled pattern, purple/brown posterior blotch F++/GEM     5.00
Mactra murchisoni (Deshayes, 1854) New Zealand  70-80mm, large smooth white shells  F++/GEM     5.00
Meropesta nicobarica Gmelin, 1791 Australia, NSW 20-30mm, white and elongate  F++     6.00
Mactra olorina Philippi, 1846 Australia, N/W WA 40-50mm, smooth thin white shells  F++/GEM    4.00
Mactra ovata Gray, 1843 New Zealand  50-60mm, inflated but solid shells, cream coloured  F++     3.00
Mactrinula plicataria Linnaeus, 1758 India 50-60mm, large delicate sp, strong concentric ridges F++/GEM     10.00
Raeta plicatella Lamarck, 1818 USA, Texas  40-50mm, thin fragile shells  F++/GEM     10.00
Mactra pura Reeve, 1854 Australia, Perth  30-40mm, angular white species  F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra pusilla A Adams, 1855 Australia, QLD 20-25mm, tan shells with brown radial lines  F++/GEM     4.00
Lutraria rhynchaena Jonas, 1844 Australia, S/W WA 90-100mm, curved narrow heavy species  F++     5.00
Austromactra rufescens Lamarck, 1819 Australia, Tasmania  50-60mm, heavily sculptured, solid species  F++/GEM     4.00
Mactra serica Reeve, 1854 Australia, N/W WA 50-60mm, elongate, white radiating lines on tan F++/GEM     4.00
Spisula solida  Linnaeus, 1758 Europe, Belgium  35-40mm, solid pale cream to white shells  F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra spengleri Linnaeus, 1758    South Africa  80-90mm, very angular posterior  F++/GEM     10.00
Spisula trigonella Lamarck, 1819

Australia, Tasmania 

20-25mm, white with tan interior  F++    3.00
Mactra turgida Gmelin, 1791 Australia, QLD 50-60mm, very inflated, thin cream-coloured species F++/GEM     3.00
Mactra versicolor Tate, 1886 Australia, SA 10-12mm, brown/tan obscure species  F++/GEM     6.00
Mactra westralis Lamprell & Whitehead,1990 Australia, WA  30-40mm, very localised white species  F++/GEM     6.00



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