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Family Species Author Locality Description Grading Price
Nerita adenensis Mienis, 1978 South Oman  14-16mm, very variable colours, w/o  F++/GEM  8.00
Neritina afra Sowerby, 1843 Africa, Cameroon 12-15mm, black smooth species, low domed, w/o F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita albicilla Linnaeus, 1758 Japan  20-25mm, eroded, with operc  F/F+    2.00
Nerita albicilla Linnaeus, 1758 Australia, Pt Quobba 20-30mm, strikingly black & white, with operc  F++/GEM     3.00
Nerita albicilla Linnaeus, 1758 Australia, QLD  25mm, typical, no operc  F++/GEM    2.00
Nerita antillarum Gmelin, 1791 Rodrigues Island 12-15mm, dark with white spots  F++    4.00
Nerita antiquata Recluz, 1841 Australia, N/W WA 20-25mm, colourful, orange blush at aperture, finely ribbed F++/GEM  3.00
Septaria apiata Recluz, 1841 Marquesas  20-25mm, slipper shaped shells with pointed end, w/o  F++  5.00
Neritina arcifera Moerch, 1872 Indonesia, Sumatra 16-20mm, dark shells with orange / black aperture, w/o  F++  6.00
Nerita argus Recluz, 1841 Tahiti  8-10mm, black with faint speckles and white aperture w/o  F++/GEM  5.00
Nerita ascensionis Gmelin, 1791 Brazil  20-25mm, f chlorostoma, mostly yellow, orange spire, w/o F++    6.00
Neritina asperulata Recluz, 1842 Solomon Islands  6-10mm, low and flat with dull parietal shield  F++    5.00
Nerita aterrima Gmelin, 1791 Rodrigues Island 12-15mm, black with white flecks, w/o  F++    4.00
Nerita atramentosa Reeve, 1855 Australia, WA  23-25mm, grey-black, with operc  F++/GEM    2.00
Neripteron auriculata Lamarck, 1816 Marquesas Islands 18-20mm, very large parietal shield w/o  F++  4.00
Nerita balteata Reeve, 1855 Australia, Broome 30-35mm, large & colourful, with operc  F++/GEM     5.00
Nerita balteata Reeve, 1855 Malaysia, Borneo  30-35mm, superb local form, black ribs, yellow aperture w/o F++/GEM     3.00
Nerita balteata Reeve, 1855 Malaysia, Borneo  20-25mm, superb local form, black ribs, yellow aperture w/o F++/GEM     2.00
Neripteron bensoni Recluz, 1850 Marquesas Islands 8-10mm, black with white triangles, with operc  F+/F++    4.00
Septaria borbonica Bory, 1803 Reunion Island 20-25mm, slipper shaped shell  F++/GEM     4.00
Theodoxus cariosa (Wood, 1828) USA, Hawaii  13-15mm, widely flanged, black sp. with white aperture, w/o  F++/GEM  12.00
Clithon castanea Hombron & Jaquinot,1854 Fiji  15-20mm, black fresh water sp., w/o  F++    5.00
Clithon cf castanea (Hombron & Jaquinot) Malaysia  15-20mm, dark shells, w/o  F++    5.00
Nerita chamaeleon Linnaeus, 1758 Eastern Indonesia  20-22mm, colourful with operc  F++/GEM    5.00
Clithon chlorostoma Broderip, 1832 Philippines  5-8mm, variable fresh water sp.  F++    2.00
Neritina communis Quoy & Gaimard, 1832 Philippines 15-20mm, amazing range of colours and patterns F++/GEM 2.00
Neritina communis Quoy & Gaimard, 1832 Philippines 15-20mm, set of 5 colours & patterns - amazing variety   F++/GEM 8.00
Vittina coromandeliana Sowerby, 1836 Malaysia, Tiomen 20-30mm, with variable striped patterns, w/o  F++    4.00
Neripteron cornucopia Benson, 1836 Malaysia  15-20mm, black, flared aperture w/o  F++  6.00
Clithon corona Linnaeus, 1758 Indonesia  18-20mm, mottled grey tan shells  F++  5.00
Clithon coronata Leach, 1815 Reunion Island 15-20mm, very long spines, w/o  F++    6.00
Nerita costata Gmelin, 1791 Indonesia, Eastern 20-30mm, black & yellow grooves, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita crassa Gould, 1852 Indonesia  20-25mm, very heavy but variable sp. w/o  F++   5.00
Neritina crepidularia Lamarck, 1822 Australia, QLD  10-15mm, interesting striped shells, no operc  F+  sold out
Vittina cumingiana Recluz, 1842 Philippines  20-25mm, large heavy tall sp, vertical white lines on black F++  4.00
Theodoxus danubialis Pfeiffer, 1828 Europe, Hungary  10-12mm, striped fresh water sp.  F++    4.00
Nerita debilis Dufo, 1840 Oman  15-18mm, dark grey/black with prominent ribs, w/o  F++/GEM  8.00
Clithon diadema Recluz, 1841 Indonesia  10-15mm, black & spiny  F++    4.00
Neripteron dilatatum Broderip, 1833 Tahiti  12-15mm, large parietal shield & high domed dorsum w/o  F++  5.00
Clithon dispars Roderick, 1832 Tahiti  5-6mm, small black species w/o  F++  2.00
Clithon donovani (Recluz, 1842) Vanuatu  10-12mm, olive green/black sp with very long spines, w/o  F++  5.00
Nerita erythrostroma Eichhorst & Neville, 2004 Australia, QLD  18-22mm, endemic, variable, orange band around aperture F++/GEM  3.00
Clithon faba Sowerby, 1836 Malaysia  10-15mm, inflated green/tan species w/o  F++/GEM  3.00
Nerita filosa Reeve, 1855 Niue Island, Pacific  18-20mm, nicely corded and from a rare locality, w/o  F++/GEM    5.00
Theodoxus fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758 Europe, UK   5-6mm, variable colours, w/o  F++/GEM    2.00
Theodoxus fluviatilis Linnaeus, 1758 Europe, Sweden  5-6mm, variable colours, w/o  F++    3.00
Nerita fulgurans Gmelin, 1791 Brazil  25-30mm, variable colours, heavy aperture growth, w/o  F++    3.00
Nerita funiculata Menke, 1851 Mexico  12-15mm, grey ribbed, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Vittina gagates Lamarck, 1822 Rodrigues Island 15-20mm, black with orange patch on aperture, w/o  F++    4.00
Nerita georgina Recluz, 1841 Fiji  10-12mm, small but interesting species, w/o  F++  sold out
Neritina glabrata Sowerby, 1849 Africa, Cameroon   4-5mm, small smooth localised species, w/o  F++/GEM    2.00
Neripteron granosum Sowerby, 1825 USA, Hawaii  20-25mm, interesting granulated surface  F++    10.00
Nerita grayana Recluz, 1844 Australia, WA 16-18mm, nicely striped shells  F++/GEM  4.00
Nerita grossa Linnaeus, 1758 Indonesia, Bali  30-35mm, giant Balinese form, no operc  F++/GEM    5.00
Nerita grossa Linnaeus, 1758 Indonesia, Eastern 28mm, deeply grooved  F++/GEM    5.00
Nerita hindsii Recluz, 1844 Indonesia 15-20mm, mottled green / grey shell, w/o  F++  sold out
Nerita histrio Linnaeus, 1758 Australia, WA  18-20mm, very colourful w/o  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita histrio Linnaeus, 1758 Indonesia  18-25mm, super range of colours  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita incerta Busch [in Philippi],1844 Indonesia  12-15mm, variable, w/o  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita insculpta Recluz, 1841 Solomon Islands  15-18mm, elongate with yellow aperture, w/o  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita insculpta Recluz, 1841 Indonesia  15-18mm, with black operc  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita japonica Dunker, 1880 Japan  12-15mm, colourful - pink & black  F++/GEM    5.00
Vittina jovis Recluz, 1843 Philippines  15-18mm, dark shiny species with some white spots  F++/GEM  4.00
Neritona juttingae Mienis, 1973 Indonesia  22-25mm, black, distinct ribbed / pustulose sculpture, w/o F++/GEM  6.00
Nerita latissima Broderip, 1833 Pacific Panama 25-30mm, super specimens with massive lip, w/o  F++/GEM    8.00
Nerita litterata Gmelin, 1791 Indonesia  12-15mm, mottled shells, w/o  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita litterata Gmelin, 1791 Solomon Islands  20-25mm, larger than Indian Ocean shells  F++/GEM    5.00
Nerita longii Recluz, 1841 Oman  22-25mm, dark ribbed species, w/o  F++/GEM  8.00
Clithon luctuosa Recluz, 1841 Philippines   2-3mm, tiny fresh water sp.  F++    2.00
Vitta luteofasciata Miller, 1879 Mexico  8-10mm, spectacular colour range, w/o  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita luteonigra Dekker, 2000 Yemen  16-18mm, pale cream / yellow with coarse spiral ribs, w/o   F++/GEM  8.00
Nerita maxima Gmelin, 1791 Indonesia, Eastern 32-34mm, yellow square teeth  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita melanotragus  E A Smith, 1884 New Zealand  20-24mm, grey/black, pale cream aperture, no prominent tooth F++/GEM  3.00
Vitta meleagris Lamarck, 1822 Trinidad  8-10mm, very pretty pastel colours  F++    2.00
Nerita nigerrima Dillwyn, 1817 Indonesia   20-25mm, dark shells with shades of white & pink w/o  F++/GEM  4.00
Clithon obscurata Recluz, 1842 Philippines   15-18mm, olive green species with coronet of blunt spines  F++/GEM  5.00
Nerita oleagina Reeve, 1855 Indonesia  20-25mm, nicely mottled  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita olivaria Le Le Guillou, 1841 Indonesia  16-18mm, grey shells with pale yellow aperture, w/o  F++/GEM  5.00
Nerita orbignyana Recluz, 1841 Africa, Eritrea 15-20mm, variable colours, w/o  F++/GEM    4.00
Clithon ovalaniensis Lesson, 1831 Niue Island, Pacific  8-10mm, yellow form from unusual location  F++    3.00
Clithon ovalaniensis Lesson, 1831 Australia, QLD  5-8mm, very variable colours  F++    3.00
Clypedium owenianum Wood, 1828 Africa, Cameroon 16-20mm, low domed with pale stripes, very flared lip, w/o  F++    5.00
Theodoxus pallasi Lindholm, 1924 Caspian Sea  6-8mm, black & white stripes - very rare location/ with operc  F++    5.00
Nerita patula Recluz, 1841 Indonesia  13-15mm, dark shell  w/o  F++    4.00
Nerita peloronta Linnaeus, 1758 Grand Cayman Is 25-28mm, "Bleeding Tooth Nerite", no operc  F++    2.00
Nerita peloronta Linnaeus, 1758 USA, Florida  25-28mm, colourful, with operc  F++    2.00
Nerita picea Recluz, 1841 USA, Hawaii  10-13mm, black, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Neripteron pileolus Recluz, 1850 Japan  15-18mm, dark species with extended parietal shield  F++    6.00
Nerita planospira Anton, 1839 Malaysia, Borneo  20-25mm, angular, peach aperture, brown patch on shield, w/o  F++/GEM  2.00
Nerita plicata Linnaeus, 1758 Australia, Pt Quobba 20-25mm, white & pink, heavy ribs, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita plicata Linnaeus, 1758 Marquesas Islands 12-28mm, dark gray banded shells, w/o  F++/GEM    2.00
Nerita polita Recluz, 1843 Solomon Islands  30-35mm, faint yellow mouth, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita polita Recluz, 1843 Australia, QLD  20-25mm, very colourful, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita polita Recluz, 1843 Africa, Tanzania  25-30mm, large & colourful  F++/GEM    3.00
Neritina porcata Gould, 1844  Marquesas Islands 15-20mm, black with orange aperture, with operc (new stock)  F++    5.00
Neritina powesiana Recluz, 1843 Solomon Islands  12-15mm, interesting freshwater sp. with orange aperture, w/o  F++  sold out
Clithon pritchardi Dohrn, 1861  Fiji  12-14mm, interesting fresh water species  F+/F++    5.00
Neritina pulligera Linnaeus, 1758 Vanuatu  over 40mm, giant fresh water sp. w/o  F+/F++    10.00
Neritina pulligera Linnaeus, 1758 Vanuatu  30-40mm, large for species, w/o  F+/F++    6.00
Vittina puncticulata Lamarck, 1822 Panama  20-23mm, nice fine pattern, w/o  F++    6.00
Puperita pupa Linnaeus, 1758 Virgin Islands   6-8mm, form tristis, black & white pattern, w/o  F++/GEM    2.00
Puperita pupa Linnaeus, 1758 Virgin Islands  6-8mm, form banded, black lines on white & yellow shell, w/o  F++/GEM    2.00
Nerita quadricolor Gmelin, 1791 Red Sea  35-40mm, large heavy, mottled, dark blotches on pale pink/tan F++  6.00
Neritopsis radula Linnaeus, 1758 Indonesia  20-30mm, inflated species with large aperture  F++/GEM    4.00
Smaragdia rangiana Recluz, 1841 Philippines   8-10mm, superb bright green sp. with distinct  pattern  GEM    3.00
Smaragdia rangiana Recluz, 1841 Africa, Madagascar  6-8mm, super green species with subtle pattern  GEM  3.00
Nerita reclivata Say, 1822 USA, Florida  17-20mm, dark olive green, w/o  F++/GEM    4.00
Clithon recluziana Le Guillou, 1841 Marquesas Islands 15-20mm, yellow spotted and spiny, always eroded spire, w/o F+/F++    5.00
Clithon retropicta Von Martens, 1879 Japan  10-15mm, local fresh water species  F++    5.00
Vittina roissyana Recluz, 1841 Vanuatu  10-14mm, black fresh water sp  F++/GEM    6.00
Neritilia rubida Pease, 1865 Marquesas Islands 1-3mm, tiny species  F++    2.00
Clithon ruginosus Recluz, 1841 Solomon Islands  15-18mm, obscure species grey / black  F+/F++    5.00
Nerita sanguinolenta Menke, 1829 Africa, Eritrea   15-18mm, heavily ribbed and colourful, w/o  F++    5.00
Septaria sanguisuga Reeve, 1856 Fiji  20-25mm, male specimen with internal spatula  F++    5.00
Septaria sanguisuga Reeve, 1856 Fiji  20-25mm, female specimen with different internal spatula  F++    5.00
Nerita scabricosta Lamarck, 1822 Panama  25-28mm, ribbed, with operc  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita scabricosta Lamarck, 1822 Mexico  20-25mm, with operc  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita signata Lamarck, 1822 Indonesia  10-15mm, colourful, with red on aperture, with operc  F++/GEM    4.00
Nerita signata Lamarck, 1822 Solomon Islands  15-20mm, yellow & white shells, w/o  F++/GEM    4.00
Clithon souleyetana Recluz,  1842 Marquesas Islands 10-12mm, black/white stripes, eroded spire, some spined, w/o  F+/F++    5.00
Clithon sowerbyana Recluz, 1842 Philippines  10-15mm, very variable, w/o  F++    4.00
Clithon spinosus Sowerby, 1836 Tahiti  15-20mm, striped shells with long spines w/o  F++  6.00
Neripteron spiralis (Reeve, 1855) Malaysia  8-10mm, dark brown with grey/brown parietal shield, w/o  F++  8.00
Nerita squamulata Le Guillou, 1841 Australia, Darwin 18-22mm, variable colours, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita squamulata Le Guillou, 1841 Australia, WA  16-18mm, many with orange  F++/GEM    3.00
Neripteron cf subauriculata (Recluz, 1843) Sri Lanka  15-20mm, dark species - possibly unnamed, w/o  F++/GEM    10.00
Clithon subgranosa Sowerby, 1836 Vanuatu  12-15mm, heavy spined fresh water shell, w/o  F+/F++    5.00
Neripteron tahitensis  Lesson, 1831 Marquesas Islands 20-22mm, flat slipper shape  F+/F++    5.00
Septaria taitana  Moussan, 1869 Tahiti  20-25mm, slipper shaped shells  F++  6.00
Nerita tessellata Gmelin, 1791 Cuba  15-20mm, black and white zig-zag striping  F++/GEM    4.00
Septaria tessellata Lamarck, 1816 Malaysia, Tiomen 25-35mm, canoe-shaped sp. with internal operc  F+/F++    5.00
Nerita textilis Gmelin, 1791 Oman  20-25mm, black & white checks, w/o  F++    4.00
Nerita undata Linnaeus, 1758 Australia, WA  20-25mm, typical, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita undata Linnaeus, 1758 Australia, QLD  20-25mm, some banded, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Nerita undulata Gmelin, 1791 Indonesia  17-20mm, yellow on spire, w/o  F++/GEM    4.00
Vittina variegata Lesson, 1831 Solomon Islands  15-18mm, fresh water sp,  becoming rare, w/o  F++    6.00
Nerita versicolor Gmelin, 1791 Belize  20-22mm, large teeth, with operc  F++/GEM    4.00
Neritina violacea Gmelin, 1791 Australia, Darwin 10-14mm, spectacular colours & patterns, with operc  F++/GEM    3.00
Neritina violacea Gmelin, 1791 Malaysia  15-18mm, stunning red / brown aperture w/o  F++/GEM  4.00
Neritina virginea Linnaeus, 1758 USA, Florida  5-10mm, various patterns  F++    2.00
Smaragdia viridis Linnaeus, 1758 USA, Florida   7-10mm, green with white flecks  F++    2.00
Nerita vitiensis Hombron & Jaquinot,1854 Fiji  10-15mm, black with yellow aperture, w/o  F++/GEM     5.00
Neritina zebra Bruguiere, 1792 Brazil  18-20mm, nicely patterned, w/o  F++    5.00



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