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Genus Species Author Locality Description Grading Price
Spondylus albibarbatus Reeve, 1856 Australia, WA  60mm, dark with white spines  F++     15.00
Spondylus americanus Hermann, 1781 USA, Florida  80-95mm, variety of colours, very nice spiny shells  F++     30.00
Spondylus anacanthus Mawe, 1823 Philippines  40-50mm, orange and white stripes  F+/F++     20.00
Spondylus asperrimus Sowerby, 1847 Australia, WA  70-75mm, short-spined, endemic  F++     15.00
Spondylus barbatus Reeve, 1856 Philippines  40-50mm, spatular spines  F++     10.00
Spondylus butleri Reeve, 1856 Indonesia  45-50mm, brown body with orange spines  F++     12.00
Spondylus calcifer Carpenter, 1857 Mexico  80-100mm, nice deep red/brown to purple, good spines F+/F++     50.00
Spondylus calcifer Carpenter, 1857 Mexico  over 100mm, very large, red/brown to purple, good spines F+/F++     65.00
Spondylus candidus  (Lamarck, 1819) Indonesia  35mm, low and flat, with pink rays  F++     15.00
Spondylus clarksoni Lamprell, 1992 Australia, WA  40-60mm, super shells with spatulate spines  F++     55.00
Spondylus eastae Lamprell, 1992 Australia, WA  60-70mm, red/purple, very short spines  F++     20.00
Spondylus echinatus Schreibers, 1793 Australia, WA  55-60mm, white with black spots  F++     20.00
Spondylus foliaceus Schreibers, 1793 Indonesia  60-80mm, very variable with spatulate spines  F++     25.00
Spondylus gaderopus (Linnaeus, 1758) Mediterranean  70mm, dark red / purple  F++     20.00
Spondylus heidkei Lamprell, 1998 Australia, WA  50mm, very rare WA shell  F/F+     25.00
Spondylus ictericus Reeve, 1856 Brazil  50-60mm, spiny orange/red shells  F++     15.00
Spondylus imperialis Chenu, 1848 Philippines  40-50mm, spectacular spined shell  F++     10.00
Spondylus leucacantha (Broderip, 1833) Mexico, West Coast  85-90mm, white with pink or red umbo   F++     30.00
Spondylus occidens Sowerby III, 1903 Philippines  40-50mm, smooth orange/red radiating bands, fine spines F++     20.00
Spondylus nicobaricus Schreibers, 1793 Indonesia  45-50mm, heavily spined  F++     12.00
Spondylus princeps Broderip, 1833 Mexico  60-100mm, heavy, spiny variable sp, red/orange/pink/white F++     50.00
Spondylus reesianus Sowerby III, 1903 Philippines  50-60mm, mostly orange, some of the spines spatulate F++     45.00
Spondylus reesianus Sowerby III, 1903 Philippines  35-50mm, mostly orange, some of the spines spatulate  F++     30.00
Spondylus regius (Linnaeus, 1758) Philippines  90-100mm, very large & spiny  F++     20.00
Spondylus senegalensis Schreibers, 1793 Africa, Senegal  60mm, dark red  F++  65.00
Spondylus sinensis Schreibers, 1793 Australia, N/W WA 70-80mm, foliate spines, brown body  F++     12.00
Spondylus spectrum Reeve, 1856 Australia, Broome 75-80mm, white with black spots on umbo  F++     20.00
Spondylus squamosus Schreibers, 1793 Indonesia, Timor 55-60mm, some with flat spines  F+/F++     12.00
Spondylus swinneni Lamprell, 1998 Australia, WA  60-80mm, dark red/maroon, spiny, very rare from WA  F++    65.00
Spondylus tenellus Reeve, 1856 Australia, S/W   40-50mm, red/orange, spiny, endemic species F++     12.00
Spondylus varians (Sowerby, 1829) Indonesia  80-100mm, dark red umbo  F++     15.00
Spondylus versicolor Schreibers, 1793 Indonesia  40-60mm, long fine spines  F+/F++     20.00
Spondylus victoriae Sowerby, 1860 Australia, WA  45-60mm, very frilly like wrightianus - pink or white  F++     25.00
Spondylus violaceus Reeve, 1856 Indonesia  40mm, lovely purple shells  F++  25.00
Spondylus visayensis Poppe & Tagaro, 2010 Australia, WA  70-90mm, coarse spines, white and pink  F+/F++     50.00
Spondylus visayensis Poppe & Tagaro, 2010 Australia, WA  70-90mm, coarse spines, red  F+/F++     80.00
Spondylus zonalis (Lamarck, 1819) Indonesia  60-70mm, white with orange/brown margins F+/F++  20.00



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