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Custom orders make our job interesting - whether supplying props for movie shoots or size-grading seashells for jewellers in New York or selecting decor for a chef's Seafood Banquet - no problem! We get a lot of special requests (see some frequent examples below) and will love to help you find exactly what you need.



Antiques restoration may require matching a particular missing shell to repair a priceless old lamp, a beautiful frame or piece of furniture. Many musical instruments also feature MOP (mother-of-pearl) inlay. We may be able to supply exactly what you need to replace a lost piece. Email us with images to see if we can assist.
Artists around the world use seashells, starfish, urchins and other marine life in collages, mosaics, art framing, as life drawing models, for photography, etc. Natural objects like seashells are inspirational, eye-catching and can be implemented in countless ways - the options are endless.


Many Arts & Crafts applications require Polished Shell Material / mother-of-pearl. We stock a range of Polished round MOP discs (various sizes) in Paua Abalone, Black (Tahitian) Pearl Shell, Goldlip Pearl Shell, etc.

We offer Polished Rose/bronze Oyster Wing MOP, along with inexpensive whole polished 2nd Grade shells that are great for cutting, carving, inlay or mosaic material, including Polished Paua, Polished Green Abalone, Polished White Abalone and Polished Astraea Shells. Explore options in Decoshells / Polished Seashells.

Artworks often require Tiny Seashells. For Selections of Shells to use in Arts & crafts, have a look at Mini Spirula, Mini Neritina, the Mini Mix or the Small Mix. Explore options in Decoshells / Seashell Mixes
A very popular use for old picture frames is mirror-framing and decorating the frame with shells. If you already have a design in mind, please email us a description or image along with the mirror size, so we can suggest the perfect shells for your project. If you're still looking for ideas, find inspiration in the designs (some of which we supplied shells for.. ) on our Seashell Mirrors Pinterest Board.
Some seashells are more suited than others for children (less fragile, more robust). Consider these options: Polished Chocolate Conch, Red Helmet, Tiger Cowrie, Polished Green Turbo, Arabica Cowrie, Polished African Turbo, Egg Cowrie - see also FAQ info on this!
Looking for a Feature Shell? For interior design projects, a beautiful XXL sized Syrinx, Polished or Natural Nautilus, Giant Spider Shell, Helmet Shell or White Murex may be just the thing. We also usually have some lovely huge Australian Bailer Shells in our warehouse. Each giant shell is a one-off, unique item that we cannot easily list individually online. Let us know what you are looking for, so we can send you an offer..
If you’re a jeweller looking for anything specific, all you have to do is ask! No problem - we can hand-select a small batch to your specifications.. We are custom-selecting various types of seashells for several jewellers around the world on a regular basis and can also supply shells in graduated sizes for fashion embroidery and dressmaking. See some examples on Facebook and our Seashell Style Pinterest Board
We have a substantial collectors department where all items are graded for condition and listed by their scientific name. If you're looking for a new addition to your existing Seashell Collection / Display and are not sure of the scientific name of the shell you seek, you can always ask! Send us an image of what you seek.. Also consider looking at our Decorator Seashells and Starfish - although un-graded, many of the items we offer in this category are selected for looks, pattern and beauty - suitable for even the most sophisticated display. 

Chefs around the world are using seashells for food prep, gratins, baking, and (naturally!) for decoration / food presentation. We've supplied seashells of various types to some famous chefs and restaurants around Australia. Perhaps the most frequently ordered Seashell items for food use (as in: dipping bowls, for appetizers, presentation decor, etc.) are the various Scallop Shells and our range of Abalone Shells we offer in our Decoration section. See also our FAQ info on how best to prepare your shells for cooking / food use!
Some Seashells work better for fish and hermit crab homes than others, so we select accordingly and hope to offer you just the right shell for your pet fish or crab!

Choose from pre-selected Mixes which contain carefully checked and selected Seashells in a good variety. We focus on shells with wide O-shaped or D-shaped apertures that wild hermit crabs naturally seek out and inhabit (i. e. Turbo Shells, Tun Shells, Moon Snails, Pheasant Shells, various Landsnails, etc..). We only select shells well suited for this purpose (no holes or major damage / not too heavy).

All shells we supply for this purpose are natural, untreated, clean and pretty Shells that are currently available in in the following units / ordering options (not incl. GST):

Hermit Crab STANDARD MIX: 10 Standard Shells, sized approx. 2.5-4cm (outside measurement) in diameter, variable species, $ 18.00
Hermit Crab MEDIUM MIX: 5 Medium Shells, sized approx. 4-6cm (outside measurement) in diameter, variable species, $ 15.00
Hermit Crab LARGE MIX: 5 Large Shells, sized over 6cm (outside measurement) in diameter, variable species, $ 18.00
Hermit Crab ALL SIZE MIX: 5 STANDARD, 4 MEDIUM, 3 LARGE Shells, size range 2.5 - 10cm, variable species, $ 30.00 (discount buying option)

Please note that default shell sizing reflects the max. outside measurements of each shell. However, aperture sizes do vary and some STANDARD / MED size shells may have a comparatively large sized aperture. If you know what aperture size and shape (or shell type) you are looking for, please tell us when you place your order and we can select accordingly.

While the pre-selected Mixes generally are well accepted by Hermit Crabs, you may prefer to order 'a la carte' for your pet.. We can't select particular shell types for the pre-selected maximum-variety Mixes, but you can always head over to the Decoshell section to select individually form our entire range... Many shells are available in different sizes, so you have lots of options.
We supply Seashells for fish breeding - let us know if you are looking for a specific type of shell - email us! We may have exactly what you need - drop us a line and let us know your requirements. See also our FAQ info about Seashells for Cichlids.

Seashells belong to the earliest objects used by mankind for ornamentation, ritual and worship. This is well documented in archaeological finds from around the globe, where shells are associated with spiritual and mythical influences. 

In Christianity, Scallop Shells are a symbol of pilgrimage (i.e. the Camino) to this day. Scallops in particular have a strong symbolic link with St. Jacques / St. John the Baptist - and seashells are still being used today for christenings. This is a lovely tradition, where the parents often keep the shell being used during the ceremony. We supply seashells for christenings to many (mostly Anglican and Catholic parishes) in Australia.

In Hindu scripture, the sound of a Chank Shell being blown precedes the spoken word. The direction of coiling of the shell is of particular interest here - all sinistral shells are associated with the goddess Vishnu and very much prized for worship and ceremony (i.e. such as Lightning Whelk Shells) - see also https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shankha for more information.


In Chinese Feng Shui practice, a big natural Abalone Shell is used in smudging rituals to burn incense (cleansing / restoring balance) to purify and harmonise a space. It's an age-old cleansing ritual, shared by other peoples around the world. For example, Abalone Shells are also widely used by in the western USA by native Americans to hold burning white Sage bundles during ceremonies.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Seashells are often depicted with the god Poseidon / Neptune (wealth) and goddess Aphrodite / Venus (love & happiness). Seashells were associated with both, often used as good luck charms and eventually became established wedding gifts throughout history in many parts of the world. To this day, a beautiful old-fashioned wedding bonbonniere is a Scallop Shell (typically filled with candied Almonds) and wrapped in silk. Giving Seashell gifts or decorating a wedding celebration with Seashells is a time-honoured way to invoke those divine aspects, along with blessings and good luck for the bride and groom.