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..Decorating a Seashell Wedding, Beach Party - or beach themed event? Combine seashells & starfish with glass, ceramic, linen, sand, natural stone, flowers, driftwood for spectacular results..



Seashells & Weddings in History

Seashells are often depicted in Greek / Roman mythology to represent gods Poseidon / Neptune (wealth) and the goddess Aphrodite / Venus (love & happiness). Closely associated with these divine aspects, seashells have been used as good luck charms at weddings for over a thousand years... You can still see traditional shell wedding gifts used in many parts of the world: traditional Mediterranean 'wedding bonbonnieres' are Scallop Shells, filled with candied almonds & wrapped in silk or organza, tied with a ribbon (often with a personalised gift tag for each wedding guest).

Giving shell gifts or decorating with seashells is a beautiful, time-honoured traditional way to invoke good luck, divine blessings and a happy, successful future for the bride and groom.


Seashell Mixes

Ideal for 'message in a bottle' invitations, bowls, casual table scatters, floor & aisle decor, wedding bouquets, pillow gifts...


Cream / White Table Decor

Arrange white or very pale seashells together in various different textures or shapes - to combine with pale table linen, glassware, candles, etc. for the elegant, effortlessly stylish natural look.



Great in combination with seashell mixes, table scatters, centrepieces, individual table settings, take-home gifts, invitations, etc.

Smaller sized starfish are absolutely wonderful for decoration – they’re versatile, look fun and festive and are perfect for beach themed parties.

TIP: Starfish can be very easily and quickly painted to exactly match your colour theme (see FAQ page to find out how).


Seashell Bouquets

We supply seashells & starfish to floral designers around Australia for Seashell Wedding Bouquets. Bouquets can be created entirely from seashells & starfish – or in combination with fresh or silk flowers - they look stunning!

See our Pinterest Board for Weddings & Events for some truly beautiful examples.

If you wish to recreate an existing design, just send us an image. We can easily assemble a Special Order for you to create your Dream Bouquet!





Placecard Shells & Gifts

Table Décor, place card holder & take-home gift: A single beautiful seashell, placed behind each table setting - this provides a perfect casual prop for each name card, as well as a unique take-home gift / memento of your event for each of your guests. A perfect choice for this application: Polished Seashells (reflecting candle light), such as Polished Turbo MED, Polished Trochus Shell MED, etc..


Placecard Starfish & Gifts

Table Décor, Placecard Holders, Take-Home Gifts: White Finger Starfish MED or LG are naturally elegant, classy stars with lovely delicate texture. Attach your guest’s name on a card with matching silk ribbon to place on each table setting: Centered (on the plate), at the side (on the napkin) or upright (against a glass)... Beautiful, elegant take-home gifts for each guest after the event! 


Bonbonnieres & Gifts

The traditional Wedding Gift: A Scallop shell, filled with small gifts or candy (traditionally: Candied Almonds), wrapped in organza or silk, tied with a matching silk ribbon. Use our Decoshells Deep Dish Scallop or the lovely White Scallop Shells. 

TIP: Place individually tagged bonbonnieres at each table setting as a combined gift and place card!  


Seashell Centrepiece

Décor for tables, entrances, buffets and interior shelves. Select a single XL size feature shell or a group of 3 shells.

Feature seashells look timelessly beautiful in combination with other natural elements, such as glass, driftwood, bamboo, sand, stone, slate, etc. Seashells provide a lovely natural element and focal point for table arrangements. They integrate easily with reception designs or event themes. 


Glass Display Centrepiece

Décor for tables, buffets and reception areas. Select a glass vase or bowl to suit your table size. Add some fine white sand and seashells. Add a candle. Or just add water and fresh flowers, but set your vase / bowl inside a circle of similar sized shells. Or lean a starfish against the glass - the options are endless. Simply duplicate your design for each table.

TIP: Select sufficient shells for the table centrepiece, so you can invite your guests to choose one each to take home as a gift.


XL Seashell

Select a single XL-sized seashell to decorate each of the main areas, i.e. entrance to reception, gift / buffet tables, etc. You can coordinate this with flower arrangements - see your florist for ideas!


XL Glass Display

Beautifully arranged floor-length glass displays filled with seashells look stunning! They are perfect for decorating entrances, foyers, reception areas, large interiors at venues. Prominently displayed and visible from across a room, a few tall elegant glass displays will provide a great thematic backdrop in large areas. Super-sized displays usually have a core fill, with shells placed around the core (against the glass). This reduces the overall volume of shells required, makes the glass display much lighter and more portable - a versatile design option, allowing you to easily move a large, decorative arrangement between venues (i.e. church to reception, etc.).


Copy The Look?

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